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Blessings in the Month of Ramadan


"Today we complete our fasting by sharing with our brothers and sisters around us." - Mrs. Nugraha

SIPRAMA KOMUNINDO, SOUTH TANGERANG - Friday (7/5), last week, we had the opportunity to share with our brothers and sisters in need. The event was held on the front porch of the Siprama Komunindo office on Friday morning. Before heading to the distribution of necessities, Mrs. Nugraha gave a speech about sharing. For Mrs. Nugraha, perfecting fasting in the month of Ramadan can be done by sharing with those in need.


Mrs. Nugraha thanks the clients who have given trust and projects to Siprama Komunindo. What we get is all because of the support from our clients. We also pray that our clients will always be blessed, and their business will be smoothed and easier.


Activities on that day went smoothly, orderly and all followed health protocols by washing hands or using a hand sanitizer, wearing masks, and also maintaining distance. Hopefully, it can help and increase the spirit to win this month. Thank you for always believing in us.