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Digitalize National Economy through Festival Ekonomi Keuangan Digital Indonesia 2021


SIPRAMA KOMUNINDO, SOUTH TANGERANG - A few days ago, Bank Indonesia Representative Office of DKI Jakarta was held Festival Ekonomi Keuangan Digital Indonesia (FEKDI) 2021 or Indonesian Digital Financial Economy Festival 2021 (9/4) with theme “Bersinergi dalam Akselerasi Digitalisasi Ekonomi dan Keuangan Indonesia” or “Synergize in Accelerating the Digitalization of Indonesia's Economy and Finance”. Bank Indonesia Representative Office of DKI Jakarta realized the increasing hope as well as optimism towards the improvement of using digitalization and QRIS and held a related talk-show with the topic “Bicara QRIS dan GPN serta Optimisme Pelaku UMKM di Kawasan Wisata DKI Jakarta". FEKDI 2021 was held virtually through live streaming on Youtube Channel BI Jakarta as well as Zoom Meeting. 

FEKDI is a platform to carry out policy synergy and the basis for implementing various initiatives for the development and expansion of the digital economy and finance to accelerate digital transformation and accelerate national economic recovery.

The event was enlivened by the Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia for DKI Jakarta Province, Onny Widjanarko as keynote speaker on that day. Other informants also be invited to this event, they were Head of Digital Channel Bank Permata, Indra Gunawan; Food Vlogger and Owner of Bakso Ncess, Ferdiansyah (Ncess Nabati); and Owner of Kedai 157, Nala Jati. The event was moderated by Theodora Angela. Many interesting gifts and door-prize to celebrate more FEKDI 2021.